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I have been featured on international TV, radio and other media including NBC Las Vegas and ABC Bakersfield. Being in my early 30s, I have compiled over 10 years in customer service, sales, marketing, management, training and coaching. I have worked in small and medium-sized companies, in large corporations like Oracle and VMware as well as several years as an entrepreneur. As an Personal Top Performance Consultant, Mentor and Coach, I work with leaders and their teams to empower every member to turn THEMSELVES into happy & engaged top performers in 6-12 months or less who are willing to go the extra mile and are raving fans of the company. That way they have more impact on anybody they need to influence such as Key Opinion Leaders or clients.

The promise is based up the idea of turning individuals into raving fans of the company. Using an out of the box coaching approach that is based on my own journey from burnout to top performer in less than 6 months, I support clients to let go of stress, turn that new-found energy into new perspectives, drive and massive inspired action and from there into the potential for new results. I bring clear instructions, passion, lightness and commitment to my clients’ desired outcomes, empowering you to develop leadership potential in your new raving fan employees that fosters results-driven, engaged and collaborative teams.

My entire philosophy is based around the following: A happy top performer with a balanced life is a raving fan leader for their company. Why is this true? Because it happened to me. Being a raving fan of the companies I worked for allowed me to go the extra mile providing service beyond my job description. All of my clients turn themselves and their team into what I described. As an empathetic and innovative thinker, I have a talent for developing innovative pragmatic solutions that can be implemented right away. My approach may seem upside down from the typical employee engagement style but that is what makes it so effective. A team is as effective as the weakest link. You start from the bottom and empower the weakest link and the entire chain as well as the already well-performing employees work much more effectively together.

The majority of my experience originates from my time at the IT corporations Oracle and VMware in Prague, Czech Republic and Cork, Ireland. Within few months from March 2009 to May 2010, I made a major turnaround in my performance. At Oracle, I already consistently belonged to the top performers of the inside sales team since 2006 in spite of my burnout. But at VMware, I was able to become so productive and engaged that I belonged to the top 300 sales professionals of the company and was invited to the President’s Club within my first 6 months at the company. Several of the initiatives I started were implemented including an innovation program in which VMware can leverage the genius of its employees. I was able to turn my own burnout into the platform for a turnaround in attitude, energy and in turn also performance which is what I teach my clients now.Claudia Baier

I have the German equivalent of the MBA from a German University Of Applied Sciences, am a Certified Professional Coach as well as a certified EFT Practitioner Level I and have completed an international exchange program with the Weber State University in USA (within the 10 best business schools in the USA) in the following areas: Influence and Group Effectiveness, Negotiation, Promotion Management, Italian & Spanish. I have been working with the Anthony Robbins Companies as well as T Harv Eker Companies at events (such as Business Mastery, Leadership Academy Bootcamp, Train The Trainer, Guerrilla Business Intensive and Unleash the Power Within) and learned a lot about how to influence people. I continue to expand my knowledge, skills and expertise with additional training by Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker and other premier trainers. Through my own experience as a recruitment consultant and through extensive self-studies on the subject of career management, sales, customer service and management, I learned about what works and what does not work when it comes to motivating someone to go the extra mile or buy into your ideas.

My training is based on the techniques, insights and results-based focus that helped me turn my own performance and sense of well-being around. I take my clients through a performance turnaround in which they discover and learn to leverage their own resources for stress resistance, fear busting, attitude adjustment, goal-setting and alignment as well as a motivational boost whenever they need.

Additionally, I have extensive experience in leadership development and coaching, talent discovery and nurturing. I have worked globally across cultures in the USA and Europe with various industries such as IT, real estate, recruitment, banking. My clients are from all over the globe working in industries such as pharmaceuticals, IT, advertising, recruitment, publicity, internet marketing, banking, education, food, coaching, new energy, hospitality, and more. I use my strong interpersonal, cross cultural and relationship building skills when serving your organization which is useful in creating results based on trust and engagement.

Additional Professional Development

  • Certified in Professional Coaching

  • Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Business Mastery by Tony Robbins (Creating A Raving Fan Culture, Sales Mastery System, Innovation Of Processes, and more)

  • Leadership Academy Bootcamp by Tony Robbins (How to influence someone to a breakthrough)

  • Mastering Influence by Tony Robbins (How to influence someone to “Buy” into your idea)

  • Guerrilla Business Intensive by T Harv Eker

  • Train The Trainer by T Harv Eker/Blair Singer

  • Sales & Leadership Mastery by Blair Singer

  • International Speaker Certification by Clinton Swaine

  • Public Speaking University by Andy Harrington

  • Presenting With Impact by Sandler Sales Training

  • Negotiating With A Savvy Buyer by Sandler Sales Training (How to influence someone who needs to “buy” your ideas)

  • and more

Sample Relevant Testimonial From A Client From The Pharmaceutical Industry

Please go tohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGFfhI4AdKMto watch the interview with a quality manager who ran a team in Italy for a major pharmaceutical company. As a result from working with me, she was chosen for a high achiever program within her organization now working in the USA. She was chosen from thousands of applicants, among other things, because she chose to use the strategies I taught her with her team and empowered them to also go the extra mile on their own initiative. Learn more in the video.


Following are more information a CV-Style:


  • Over 7 years of experience in Mentoring, Coaching, Training and Consulting with individuals, SMB as well as corporations (sales, peak performance, leadership, business).

  • Over 11 years of experience in Sales, Business Development, Relationship Building, Marketing and Management in international corporations working with corporations, public institutions and SMB.

  • Developer of coaching-based influence approach (also leveraging the best strategies of the most successful sales approaches already in existence) which guarantees a strong bond with the client and an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs which in turn enables to have a high closing ratio (up to 70%).

  • VMware President’s Club Member2009 (top 300 sales professionals worldwide) as the only one in the Central Inside Sales team, especially within the first 6 months at VMware!

  • German MBA equivalent (Focus on International Management & Marketing) and CertifiedProfessional Coach (Completed 2-year certification in less than 1 year).

  • Knowledge of differing learning and training styles (including “Accelerated Learning” techniques and the“Games” approach) while having a systematic approach to training, an understanding of design, tailored training – Trained by the trainer who taught the world’s best speakers and trainers, Blair Singer.

  • Privilege to study under Blair Singer, T Harv Eker and Tony Robbins (design a powerful program from A-Z, control the energy in the room and use “Accelerated Learning” techniques so the participants learn faster and remember more).

  • Mastering a leadership role four times at T Harv Eker’s Train The Trainer in London & Barcelona 2011 and 2012 & Guerrilla Business Intensive 2012.

  • Crew Member of the Day” at Leadership Academy Bootcamp 2010 (Signature Program by Tony Robbins at which he teaches the participants how he influences his clients to breakthroughs).

  • Only Outsider ever invited to train at the career services center of institutions such as Loyola Marymount University.

  • Top Performer at the Induction Training at Oracle Corporation in 2006 & Highest Pipeline Award at Oracle Corporation in 2008.

  • Only Oracle A-D Representative Nominated Twice for Best Named Accounts Inside Sales Representative (FY08 & FY09).

  • Authorof “The Guerrilla Career Formula” (Initial Version owned by Tony Robbins, Jairek Robbins, Tony Robbins’ Master Trainer Joseph McClendon III, Body Language Expert Jan Hargrave and the Business Breakthrough Coach & Former US Army Ranger Peter Parker).

  • Innovative, able to develop new concepts and to deliver creative solutions thanks to confidence and extensive knowledge of training, learning and the business as a whole.

  • Good communicator, able to present with credibility and authority (proven through being a mentor at Oracle Corporation, VMware International and a trainer, mentor and coach in own business worldwide).

  • Extensive understanding of key techniques – TNA, evaluation, transfer of learning (putting learning in to practice in the workplace) through work at Oracle, VMware and through own business.

  • An ambassador of training and development; able to promote new approaches to learning and development as appropriate through my interaction with Success Resources (the world’s biggest personal development event organizer).

  • Responsible, reliable and accountable, ethical and able to instil a clear sense of purpose in others.

  • Able to develop a culture of high standards, excellent quality and customer responsiveness (Among the top 300 sales professionals in VMware).

Education & Credentials

Public Speaking University – Andy Harrington, October 2013

International Speaker Certification – Clinton Swaine, 2013

  • Dynamic Impact, October 2013

  • Podium Power, August 2013

Blair Singer Training – Sales & Leadership Mastery, February 2013

International Coach Academy, Australia – Certified Professional Coach, November 2009 – December 2010

  • Completed a 2-year program in less than 9 months.

  • Research Paper: Using EFT in Coaching the US Latin Community.

Emotional Freedom Technique Certification – Gary Craig, USA – Certified EFT Practitioner Cert-I, February 2010

  • Learning basic and advanced counseling strategies and tools as well as the innovative emotional freedom technique.

  • Helped over 500 people with EFT release stress, anxiety, tension, fears and increase performance, self-esteem and energy with i.e. business owners, C-Level executives, consultants and stressed sales people.

Tony Robbins Mastery University – Date with Destiny, Leadership Academy Bootcamp, Unleash the Power within, Wealth Mastery, Business Mastery 2009 to 2010, 2013

  • Crew Member of the Day at Leadership Academy Bootcamp (Learning the 7 Master Steps to Lasting Change).

T Harv Eker Quantum Leap Programs – Train the Trainer Certification (Leadership role 3x), Ultimate Internet Bootcamp, Millionaire Mind Intensive 2011 (2x) and Guerrilla Business Intensive 2012

Joseph McClendon III, London, UK – The Next Step (NLP and Law of Attraction), June 2009

  • Learned how to activate the Law of Attraction using NLP techniques for career and business purposes.

  • Learned how to release beliefs and behaviors that limiting career and business potential and install empowering beliefs and behaviors.

University of Applied Sciences, Hof, Bavaria, Germany – International Management, Minor: International Marketing, October 1999 – March 2005

  • German MBA equivalent – Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH).

  • Thesis: Conceptual Marketing of IT services for a young company (Marketing plan for the IT company Xavo AG in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany), 2005.

Weber State University, Ogden, Utah – Foreign Exchange Programme, August – December 2002, GPA: 3.65, Honor Award.

  • Courses taken: Negotiation, Influence and Group Effectiveness, Promotion Management, Spanish / Italian.

Oracle Corporation – Influence & Sales Training, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006-2009

  • InfoMentis Sales Strategy Workshop for Opportunity Management – Prague, Czech Republic, 2008.

  • SPIN Selling Workshop – Huthwaite, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006.

  • Completed the following courses of the Oracle Diploma in Sales Practice – Dublin Institute of Technology, 2006 – 2009: Presenting with Impact, Negotiation Skills, Assertiveness and Motivation for Professionals, Advanced Prospecting, Sandler Sales Submarine.

Own Personal & Professional Development Studies

  • Jeffrey Gitomer Sales, Anthony Parinello Sales, Tony Robbins Sales, Jeffrey J. Fox Sales, Neil Rackham Sales

  • Various Tony Robbins programs incl. Master Of Influence, Lessons Of Mastery, etc.

  • Negotiation Strategies by Harvard Negotiation Project, Herb Cohen, etc.

Primeast Trainings, Prague, Czech Republic – Soft Skills, 2008-2009

  • Assertiveness & Conflict Management

  • Innovation and Problem Solving

  • Persuasion and Influencing

  • Time Management

  • Prioritization and Work Planning

  • Stress Management (incl. MBTI)

Career History

Success Resources, USA – Crew Member/Volunteer/Crew Team Leader at Events, May 2011 – Present

  • Three Times Leadership Role managing 3 to 12 people from 7am to 12am on a tight schedule for 5 days

  • Creating a superb experience for participants, speakers, event organizers, event staff and other crew members

Anthony Robbins Companies, USA – Crew Member at Events, July 2010 – December 2010, 2013

  • Overall Responsibilities: Serving in coaching and supporting clients, production, and speakers (Tony Robbins, Steve Linder, Joseph McClendon III, Jan Hargrave, Shore Slocum, Loren Slocum, etc).

  • Achievements: Crew Member of the Day at Leadership Academy Bootcamp

  • Events Crewed: Unleash the Power Within July 2010, Leadership Academy Bootcamp September 2010, Date with Destiny December 2010, Business Mastery 2013

Claudia Baier Peak Performance & Turnaround Coaching, Germany – International Author, Business and Career Coach and Speaker, April 2009 – Present

  • Prior paid and unpaid coaching, tutoring and training experience since 2001.

  • Development of a worldwide virtual training, mentoring and coaching program called Top Performer Scholarship Academy (see ClaudiaBaier.com).

  • Providing career and business planning and coaching services across disciplines and in a variety of settings: (i.e. individual and group coaching sessions, top performer, career and business planning workshops).

  • Assisting clients with performance improvement plans and developing under-performing aspects.

  • Delivering training courses and workshops on the topics of peak performance, career development, quality of life, personal development, effective job search, business building, lead generation via social media and more.

  • Coaching business owner clients in sales skills, lead generation, marketing, business building, international marketing and management.

  • Carrying out course evaluation and analysis and act on feedback where necessary to ensure high quality service provision and continuous improvement.

  • Keeping up to date with developments in coaching and training styles, techniques and resources to ensure appropriate and effective training delivery.

  • Amending and revising training programmes as necessary, in order to adapt to the changes that occur in the client’s environment.

  • Approachable; someone who others seek out for advice – Working with professionals, business owners, start-ups and SMBs from all 5 continents – 1:1 coaching as well as online group coaching workshops with students, alumni, coaches, business owners, directors, consultants, CEOs, presidents, IT professionals, finance professionals, sales professionals, people with ADD, and more.

  • Effectively preparing clients, on both individual and group basis, for an increase in personal performance and leadership.

  • Identifying needs, designing, and implementing innovative programs, services and resources to address clients’ needs.

Selected Achievements:

  • Author of “The Guerrilla Career Formula” available via Amazon.com and own websites.

  • Famous owners of published book: Tony Robbins, Jairek Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, Jan Hargrave, Pete S. Parker.

  • Planning and giving workshops at Loyola Marymount University, Selaco, Magnolia Ave Elementary School (workshop series in Spanish for the parents) on the strategies of THE GUERRILLA CAREER FORMULA PROGRAM.

  • Speaking at Glyndwr University in London, UK twice on Influence and Peak Performance in 2013 and 2014.

  • Conducting training from TNA, through to design and delivery tailored to the needs of SMB in Germany.

VMware Inc., Cork, Ireland – ISR – President’s Club Member 2009 & Pro-actively Peak Performance Coach for New Hires – July 2009 – May 2010

Reason for Leaving: Leaving Ireland to accelerate own coaching & training business

  • Maximizing sales of VMware’s services and providing relationship development with existing and new partners and clients

  • Serving as liaison between the sales and the order department in order to integrate and streamline the processes and fulfill the needs of both departments simultaneously.



  • One of the top 300 VMware sales performers worldwide for 2009 within the first 6 months.

  • Only one from my regional team in Cork to be invited to VMware President’s Club 2009, especially after only six months with the company at that point.

  • More than 126% achievement in first 6 months of employment (Constantly overachieving sales target every month between at least 110% and 180%.)


  • Invitation to the International VMware Enterprise Social Computing advisory committee.

  • Reducing the time for new sales hires to start with selling from 2 weeks to 2 days (85% reduction) by developing a checklist with all necessary steps, links and addresses to get up to speed.

  • Certificate of the VMware Sales Professional, July 2009 (First one in my team to complete the training in only 1 week and with a minimum achievement of 87.5%).

  • Mentoring colleagues and supervisors proactively to peak performance.

  • Starting an Innovation Inducement Program for Effectiveness, Efficiency and Organizational Improvement Ideas.

  • Proactively coaching & mentoring colleagues and new hires in my team on career development, performance improvement as well as creating emotional freedom so they can better perform and deal with stress at work.

  • Developing a territory plan that also increase efficiency and effectiveness in the Cork team of the Southern region.

Oracle Czech sro, Prague, Czech Republic – Sr. Inside Technology Account Manager, August 2006 – May 2009

Reason For Leaving: Company: Lay off due to economic crisis; Personal: Moving to Ireland



  • Top Achiever Award at the Foundation training in Europe in September 2006.

  • Award Certification for Highest Pipeline Creation in November 2007.

  • Only One to be Nominated for the Best A-D Sales Representative in FY07 And FY08.

  • 151% of individual target in Q4 FY08 & 180% of individual target in Q3 FY09.

  • Involved in finding and closing several deals from 2k to 325k USD.

  • Repeatedly “Power Day” Champion (Solution-focused business development days).

  • Customer Development Master – March 2008 – highest number of presentations and co-operations with technical presenters, supporting them by connecting the customers’ needs to the benefits presented during the presentation of the developed solutions.


  • Submission of sales effectiveness idea to the EMEA Innovation Award Team in Q3 FY09 – Pro-actively implemented a survey gaining insight into the key internal influence patterns of key decision makers thus increasing marketing communication effectiveness and customer satisfaction by at least 15%.

  • Reference letter from first customer and LinkedIn reference from CIO of another customer for first class customer relationship management in 2007.

  • Translating data into meaningful insights and recommendations for specific Oracle solutions and moving clients to purchase.

  • Motivate team members using strategies from peak performance coaches in order to efficiently complete customer projects.


  • Chosen by different managers to train new hires on business development, influencing and sales approach.

  • Pro-actively advised different colleagues on project-related issues.

  • Training and supervision of staff (Self-developed Training: How to use social media to develop business).

  • Proactively training team members in the new customer relationship management system at Oracle.

Antal International Ltd, Frankfurt, Germany – Recruitment Consultant, August – November 2005

Reason for Leaving: Opportunity for a unique volunteering position in International Marketing at a Real Estate Firm in Los Angeles, CA

  • Reason for leaving: One-time offer to work in the USA


Structured and performed analysis of opportunities, Researched customer needs and developments, Uncover insights that drive our recommendations to clients.

Identified and developed close relations with the decision makers and key influencers.

Trained and consulted potential recruits in interview behavior and important process steps.

Handled business development in the German-speaking arena (D/A/CH).

Negotiating with candidates and clients about final decisions using Harvard Negotiation Project Principles.

Working with the Country Managers to develop compelling job profiles to attract the right candidates.

Direct and conduct research and creating target and prospect lists of companies and candidates.

Utilizing my own network (10,742,918+ professionals at that moment in time) and referrals to build a strong pipeline of qualified prospects and companies.

Assisting with recruitment and selection of new staff and candidates to refer to potential clients.

Selected Presentations & Public Appearances

  • ABC Bakersfield, NBC Las Vegas, Local TV BroadCast On Second Thought Santa Maria May 2011

  • Training Workshop: Approaching and Wowing the Employers in a Unique Way – Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, 2010. One of few outsiders invited to present at Loyola Marymount University Career Services.

  • Exclusive Training Workshop Series in Spanish on Career Advancement, Stress Release and Performance Increase – Magnolia Avenue Elementary School – Parents’ Education, Los Angeles, 2010.

  • Training Workshop: How to get, keep and excel in the new position – Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board, Cerritos, 2010.


  • English: Fluent

  • German: Mother language



All training include a workshop or webinar conference series and group coaching conferences after the workshop/webinar conference series to ensure the successful implementation of what your employees learn at the workshop. Your employees will feel more motivated, stressfree, productive and more connected to your company than before.


Claudia’s Purpose

The reason why Claudia is focusing on helping individuals and the companies they work for in that unique way is that Claudia herself went through burnout in the years 2007 to 2009. She felt as if she had to carry an elephant on her shoulders all day and ended up walking like an old lady, hunched over, because that was the only way that she did not feel the physical pain that much.

Reasons for the burnout were:

  1. being bullied by co-workers
  2. fear of losing her job
  3. over-working
  4. loss of perspective
  5. unhappiness with situation of living
  6. feeling & behaving like a doormat
  7. complaining
  8. poor diet
  9. loss of hope of achieving goals

During that time, she took sick leave but only for 6 weeks during which the situation did not really change but she was afraid to lose her job if she stays away from work for too long. The only time she felt energy and happy during that time was when she went Salsa dancing. That is the proof that even during a time of complete exhaustion, a person can feel energy under the right circumstances.

During that time, she also was diagnosed with Adult ADD. That diagnosis started a search for personal development that still is going on. Additionally, during that time she was reading quite a few novels to distract herself from the prison she felt in. In that search, she stumbled over a strategy with which she was able to release her fear of losing her job along with the emotional side of her burnout within 15 minutes. She discovered there are several contributors that are enabling burnout to develop and you to release your burnout. These areas are:

  1. Emotional Freedom (Your Fears)
  2. Healthy Diet (Your Nutrition)
  3. Motivation (Your Goals, Your Sense Of Fulfillment & Your Sense Of Achievement)
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