Case Studies & Testimonials
Here’s What Two Of My Top Performer Bootcamp Clients Have To Say About My Program:
Interview With A Top Performer, Melissa Reed

Melissa Reed
How was your life before the Top Performer Academy?
– Before I started the program I was struggling with my job and looking for a change. I was also about to compete in a Mrs. Pageant and nervous about my performance.

How did your life change during the Top Performer Academy? – While participating in the program I decided to take a risk and try a new job on a part-time bases in the evenings and weekends that dealt with fitness/health. I was able to figure out my personal vision for myself and realized that being a fitness/health coach was not something I was passionate about and quickly let that go. I’ve always enjoyed etiquette and found that my true purpose in life needs to involve etiquette either by becoming a coach or Professional Trainer.

How is your life now after the Top Performer Academy? – Shortly after the program ended I was asked to take on a leadership role in the volunteer organization I am a part of and received a promotion at my job that I had been struggling with at the beginning of the program.

How do you see yourself now compared to before the Top Performer Academy? – I look forward to finding out more about myself including my dislikes. Instead of saying ‘I’d like to do that’, I say ‘I’m doing that!’. I’m still my biggest critic but I’m learning more everyday how to let myself relax and accept my limits.

Why did you choose to join the Top Performer Academy? – I needed some help finding direction for my life. I’ve read the books but have never had an actual person to guide me along my journey and felt that it was time to try it.

What made you feel safe with me and that I do my absolute best to support you in moving forward and achieving your goals? – You were there to help guide me and provide tools and feedback without being overly pushy and demanding. You understand that life changes almost daily and everyone is doing their best to succeed.

What was the best you got out of the coaching?/What was your favorite part of the bootcamp? – I LOVE the pyramid! I’m all about goals and creating lists and steps and using the pyramid really felt natural for me. I also enjoy using the circles to see intersecting parts of my passions, values, and abilities. I’ve even started drawing them and making connections while relaxing in the evenings and watching television as a way to calm my thoughts.

Here’s What Two Of My English-Speaking Clients (Successful Business Owners) Have To Say About My Coaching Skills:

Now let me share with you several case studies involving some of my coaching students.  Many of the strategies I used to help them, you will learn in this top performer bootcamp!!!! The names have been changed to protect their anonymity:

Case Study #1: Maria
An Italian/Cuban Struggling After A Miscarriage… And How I Helped Her Renew Faith In Herself:
One of my coaching students was Maria…who unfortunately experienced a miscarriage. Since then she was beating herself up and the self confidence she used to have disappeared. It started to affect all aspects of her life and she didn’t know where to turn. Thanks to one session with me, she eventually moved on from the miscarriage and broke the negative patterns she was experiencing that was holding her back. Now she is extremely happy and prepared to have more children! She got her confidence back and is moving on with her life thanks to my turnaround coaching. Best part: it only took 1 session!
Case Study #2: Jack
An American Who Was Having Trouble Eating Unhealthy Food …And How I Helped Him Crave Good Foods!
Jack is from America and struggled with eating bad food and sugary drinks from coffees shops for years. He was addicted to these things and it was starting to affect his health and his confidence. I coached him on how to eat a healthy diet and created an environment for Jack where he no longer wanted sugary drinks anymore! This broke his addiction pattern and now he craves healthy food thanks to the diet plan I recommended. Now Jack has lost weight, has more energy, and feels more confident. Thanks to my coaching, Jack no longer craves unhealthy food and is on his way to achieving his fullest potential. And I did all this within 2 coaching sessions!
Case Study #3: Esperanza
A Mexican Woman Who Struggled With Being “Inferior” In The Workplace…And I Helped Her Become More Empowered!
Maria was having trouble with the “marianismo” concept in Mexico where the woman is the weak one that is supposed to be subordinant. She struggled with that at home and at work and it started to ruin her self-worth and potential. But after a few sessions with me, she broke free from these bonds and ignores the “machismo” thinking in her company.  She became empowered and took charge of her life and started learning new skills. Now her new life is on a whole new track today where she inspires others around her and lights them up with her sunny disposition. She is now fulfilling her own potential…and not what others dictate thanks to my coaching!
Case Study #4: Mike
An American Man Who Lost Touch With Himself …And How I Helped Him Get More Balance And Feel Free!
Mike is a very successful American businessman who was married with kids. Over the years he started to lose touch with himself and his family. It started to affect his everyday life and the despair started to cost him his well-being.  He would also compulsively overwork and was therefore burning himself out. Thanks to my success coaching, I helped him release an emotional barrier that made him overwork and burn him out. He also started to reconnect with himself and his wife. Mike is not more centered and can now focus better with his work…and other areas of his life.  He is now achieving his fullest potential not only in his job but also his family! All of this, in only one session!
Case Study #5: Vijay
An Indian Man Whose Life Was Controlled By His Mom’s Approval And How He Created His OWN Path!
Vijay was an Indian man who wanted to overcome the hold his mother was having on his life. He really loved his mother, but he was also worried about her…which paralyzed him from taking a lot of action on his life. He also felt her approval and disapproval of his actions affected his well-being. I worked with Vijay in one session and I helped him overcome the bond his mother was having on his life.  I also helped him break through his resentment and his worry. Afterwards Vijay felt a lot freer and, at the same time, he feels a stronger connection with his mother than he’s ever had!  He  no longer has to seek her approval and has achieved a lot in his life by leaps and bounds!
Case Study #6: Denise
A College Grad Who Needed Help Getting A Job And I Guided Her To Finding The Ultimate Position!
Denise was an American woman who just graduated from college. She was struggling with getting a job and didn’t know where to go when it came to preparing for her job search. I helped her get her resume together, gave her some “insider” tips when it comes to getting interviews and landing a decent job based on my 7+ years as a career counselor. She was able to overcome a lot of mental hurdles that allowed her to get a job in an industry she loves. She constantly says she wouldn’t have gotten that job if it wasn’t for my help!
Case Study #7: Janet
A Burned-Out Worker Who Longed For A Definitive Change In Her Career!
Janet is an American woman who was in the advertising business for many years. She began to get really burned out from her work and really needed something else in order to make her feel better about herself. I coached Janet through only 2 sessions and she began to get clarity on what she wanted to do with her life.  She came in touch with her life mission and was determined to see it come to life! Thanks to my help, Janet is now in a career and industry she loves. She no longer gets out of bed in the morning wondering with that dreadful feeling in her stomach!
Case Study #8: Deborah
A Woman Who Was Addicted To Chocolate And Felt Extreme Guilt And Judgement Against Herself
Deborah is an American woman who was addicted to chocolate. She has been trying to quit eating chocolate for many years and really didn’t know who to turn to. The worst part is she experienced extreme guilt and shame that was ruining her self-esteem.  She kept judging herself every time she ate chocolate and it started to affect every part of her life. I took her through several breakthrough exercises that broke her chocolate habit…and I also guided her on creating a mission for herself. Now she is living a mission-filled life and wakes up ready to tackle the world!

Case Study #9: Kayden
A Woman Who Was Struggling With The Environment She Thought She Could Not Change
Kayden is a Canadian politician who wanted to be healthy but who struggled with having addictive foods such as potato chips in the house due to her girlfriend. She has been trying to quit raiding that food but did not manage. The worst part is that these eating habits also impacted her overall health and the physical ailments she was already having due to genetics. The medical Marijuana she was taking for the physical ailments made her eat a lot more of the foods she did NOT want. I took her through one powerful coaching conversation that broke her habit leaving her with easy steps to take charge of her environment and her impulses. Now she is ready to take on a new mission to change Canada dramatically!

Case Study #10: Barbara
A Woman Who Was So Stuck In Thinking About Writing A Book That She Never Did It…Or Did She?!
Barbara is an American writer and art therapist who went through a tough time healthwise. She wanted to use her struggles and help other people in similar situations. She has been trying to write a book for years that will revoluntionize the way healing works. The worst part was the overwhelm she felt when thinking about writing that book and not knowing where to start. In just 3 powerful coaching conversations she not only got started but is about to finish a book where people learn how to heal themselves and see the positive lessons in their struggles…through drawings and art therapy. Now she is passionate about sharing her message and change the world one book at a time!

Case Study #11: Max
A Man Who Is Overwhelmed By His Work
 Max is a American business owner who helps people get their message out. He himself though was struggling to do the same for himself constantly sabotaging himself and being overwhelmed with all the things he had to do to serve his clients as well as himself in the process. I took him through two powerful coaching conversations that helped him to claim his time, his resources and got him into productive action mode. He finally was able to find the time that he needed to move swiftly through the day and complete projects that took him weeks before…now he completed them in hours. He is a much happier and more productive business owner now able to choose the clients he wants to work with without being strapped for cash due to the struggle in completing his projects!

Case Study #12: Francois
A Man Who Alienates Everyone Around Him
 Francois is a French-Italian manager who works for a luxury brand. He came to me to help him to improve the way he is being seen in the office. People were afraid of him. In one hour of powerful coaching I helped him with one simple, easy-to-do movement to change the way he related to people and the way they related to him. He was amazed by the changes!

Case Study #13: Deep
A Man Who Was Looking For A New Job For A Year
 Deep is an Indian sales professional who works in the educational field. He came to me because he was afraid that he would lose his job even though he was always one of the top performers in his companies. He had tried to apply with several companies. Within only 2 hours of powerful coaching I helped him to wow the employer he was going for. He was amazed by the result! A job offer with a higher salary than he had in his job before…

Case Study #14: Yvetta
A Woman Who Served C-Level Powerfully In The Past But Lacked Fulfillment
 Yvetta is a Dutch consultant who was very successful in the corporate world. She was missing that deeper level however that fulfilled her more as her clients. In just a few powerful coaching conversations she discovered what her passions are, how she can apply that to feeling more fulfilled with what she wanted and can do as well as how to implement it to create results for her clients. Now she is passionate about bringing more fulfillment into the world and changing the mindset of the people she works with into one that is serving them better!

 So which one of these stories resonates with you the most? These are the types of breakthroughs I get with clients on a regular basis and I want to help you get similar or even higher results.


“Claudia is a very enthusiastic business coach who uniquely combines different ideas into a custom tailored approach. Her high level of professionalism and her always positive demeanor make her a pleasure to work with.”
Stefan Boedeker, Partner , Resolution Economics

“Claudia is a professional, passionate and creative coach. She has great drive and initiative and has a unique ability to change lives. I highly recommend Claudia. ”
Anthony Fleming, Speaker & Coach, Passion4Life

“I expected to recover my life, my energy and a positive attitude so I could stay away from pessimism and depression. I wanted to be able to work and focus on what’s really important to me in order to work on my independence. She helped me to look at the positive side of everything giving me the tips and tools to eliminate bad feelings. She also drove me to work on my own ideas making comments and suggestions to improve almost any corner of the projects I was working on. She gave me a lot of ideas to continue searching for a new job preparing interviews and focusing on the purpose of the meetings. Claudia has a special talent to stimulate positive thinking. She knows a lot of interesting and helpful resources of any kind that suit your projects and ambitions. Claudia has a perfect understanding of the nowadays business trends and markets. I was very confused and lost about my life. I didn’t know what to do. After a few sessions with Claudia I started to have a more positive feelings. Soon I started to learn how to deal with negative and unpleasant feelings. After that I started to work on projects making a lot of progress from one session to another. I started to concentrate on Ideas and projects being much more productive and focused. Claudia´s advice and counseling was critical to develop better ideas and projects. I am now emotionally prepared to do anything I want thanks to Claudia’s coaching and counseling. It’s a pleasure working with Claudia. Since I was fortunate to connect with Claudia I have seen a progressive and positive transformation of my personal and professional life. I have seen many times her generosity and commitment to address any situation that could be on my way to achieve higher goals. Using Claudia’s services I achieved a better understanding of myself taking advantage of some tools and resources that I wasn’t aware of their existence. Claudia is very persistent and confident in her inner strength. She has a great ability to understand your needs for any step you may want to make. Accordingly she provides news and selected information that fits with your plans whatever they are. Claudia is a great professional, but she is even better person. Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity”
Antonio Lopez, Owner Blyck Ideas

“I was wanting a better support system for some issues regarding my career and personal life.  I was also looking for some answers to belief systems that might be holding me back. Claudia is very supportive, and she is very easy to speak with.  I never felt as if I was being judged. I feel that Claudia was exactly what I was needing and wanting. Claudia has a very high positive energy that makes you feel that anything is possible.  She also taught me some tapping techniques that were very useful. Claudia got me through a test that I was panicking and having personal issues at the time.  I am not sure I would have passed it without her support, energy, and sense of humor! I would just like to say, that Claudia needs to keep doing things in her own style.  I think she puts you to ease, and has a wonderful way of lightening things up, so you feel that you can handle the situation.  Claudia has a lot to offer her clients and I love the tapping she has taught me!”
Janet Lane, Main Street Financial, Peace of Mind Credit Services

“Claudia have given me a lot of free advice and information. I take awhile to take things in. I would like to say there are others that could really fully take advantage of what Claudia offers in a very big way. She is an incredibly dynamic responsive person who sincerely wants the best for her clients and even those like me that while I take things in fast. Process extremely slowly and something require the patience of Job from everyone around me which is extreme challenge to persons with ADHD. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative”
Raymond Higgenbottom, II, Material Handler at Redcats

“I’m an U.S. Army Veteran who served actively from ’98-’02 in the Infantry and was honorably discharged. One of the perks of being a veteran is meeting Ms. Claudia Baier, who volunteers her service at no charge. She has had  therapeutic sessions with me which miraculously relieve my mind of stress. Thanks Claudia!” 
Jason Walker, US Army Veteran

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“THIS IS MY BIG THANKS, CLAUDIA. I WANT TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE, BECAUSE THIS IS SOMETHING INCREDIBLE. BEFORE WE STARTED TO WORK ON MY HEALTH, MY RESULTS WERE REALLY BAD, I “COULD NOT” WAIT TO HAVE MY SURGERY BEHIND ME, BECAUSE I DID NOT FEEL WELL. I HAD A PROBLEM WITH THYROID AND ONCE I TALKED TO CLAUDIA, SHE TOLD ME SHE CAN HELP ME. WE STARTED WORKING TOGETHER ON MY HEALTH AND LAST WEEK WHEN I WENT TO THE DOCTOR, I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I HEARD. MY RESULTS ARE VERY GOOD, MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS VERY GOOD (BEFORE IT USED TO BE BAD) JUST FEW WEEKS AND I FEEL MUCH BETTER. MY SURGERY MIGHT NOT BE IMPORTANT ANYMORE, BUT I WILL TALK ABOUT THIS WITH MY DOCTOR TOMORROW. THIS IS REALLY SOMETHING I CAN NOT BELIEVE, BECAUSE NOT EVEN DOCTORS DID NOT HELP ME AND CLAUDIA ??? CLAUDIA HELPED ME THE MOST. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH, REALLY VERY MUCH, BECAUSE FIRST TIME YOU HELPED ME WHEN I WAS DOWN FROM PERSONAL LIFE, NOW YOU HELPED ME WITH MY HEALTH SO I CAN NOT WAIT TO WORK ON MY CARRIER:-) I WANTED TO SHARE THIS WITH OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE NOW I SEE, THAT IT REALLY WORKS AND OK, I CAN NOT TALK FOR OTHERS, BUT FOR MY SELF I CAN SAY BIG THANKS. Im very glad, that I had a chance to work with Claudia, because she was the first one who helped me to see life colorful again after my broken relationship. As I already mentioned, Claudia was the only one person who knew how to help me to go on after broken relationship. I was so down, that I started to visit psychology, but unfortunately they did not help me. My life was black and I could not “breath” and be happy as i use to be. When Claudia told me she will help me, I did not believe. I remember after first meeting with Claudia I felt already much better and I started to feel motivation and energy again, but what was the most important, I wanted to live my life again and  after long time I felt I have my goals which I want to achieve. Claudia also helped me with my self confidence and now we are working on my health as I have problem with thyroid. From my experiences I can only recommend Claudia to everyone who have problems and does not matter if the problem is about job situation, health, loosing weight etc. This person is very smart and she always knows how to find the right way for you, the right solution and she is very, very helpful.”
Antonie Cermakova, Personal Concierge, Prague, Czech Republic
“I had an interesting hour learning more about EFT’s benefits and what it can do for me.  I am working my way through the manual as we speak and am familiarizing myself with all the tapping points. You are obviously a high energy individual and put every effort into your coaching sessions, I wish you every success in the future, and look forward to talking with you again soon.”
Daniel Haigh, Director
“Claudia, is a balanced person who can get inside into your problems. I had long time a hard time in my private life, and she was very patient trying as much as possible to get away my fears and depressions. She is the person who can motivate you in to think really in positive way even living the hardest time. I strongly recommend her. She is great!”
Patricia Regentova Sanchez Director

“Claudia is an excellent coach. Using simple but effective tools and techniques she get’s to straight to the point. She is able to help anyone get to where they want to go by being motivational and practical at the same time. If there are things in your life you wish to improve I strongly recommend you take advantage of Claudia’s coaching services”
Chris Pires , Owner , Chris Pires Limited

“I was looking for a movement from the position where I was hooked. The guidance provided by Claudia was immensely helpful, which has in many ways opened new path and has made me move in the right direction. I will start approaching the target person in a company directly instead of approaching the HR personnel and try to showcase my potential by solving a real time problem that company might be facing. Claudia taught me how to look for various other avenues and not stick to one mode of meeting your target. It taught me how to keep the right thing in mind while meeting your target.”
Prateek Shah, Corporate Finance
“To find out what’s the career that will suit us it’s always difficult – especially nowadays, where most of firms are firing people instead of hiring them. While I was talking about my future projects, even if I wasn’t really sure about what my target is, I realized what I don’t want to do, which is a good start. I also learnt that I have to ‘sell myself’, mainly because firms and people that are hiring me have to know that I’m different from the others, somehow ‘special’. When I’m writing my CV, I should try to put experiences that are not common. If they had 100 CVs with the same experience, firms would just trash my CV; but if they read something interesting and a bit different, I’ll have definitely more chances to be called back. I think that people will find your consult useful, especially people that don’t have a lot of experience on the field or the ones that are looking to change their life or find other opportunities.”
Chiara Quass, Graduate Student

“Claudia is a pleasure to work with. She is easy going, dynamic, positive and pro-active. She is a very good listener and follow through her action plans. She is focused, know exactly what she wants to achieve and willing to work towards her goals. With her passion and experience, Claudia will be a very good coach who will help you progress and turn your dreams into reality. Well Done with all of your accomplishments so far Claudia and you have so much ahead of you. All The Best and I am looking forward to having our next session next week. Kindest Regards, Tenny”
Tenny Charlesworth, Life Coach

“I had the pleasure of speaking with Claudia on Sunday, and I wanted to share that she truly is an inspiration to people. After our discussion, she opened my eyes in realizing that my true calling is in helping my Latino brothers and sisters; that I need to focus on empowering those that can’t empower themselves. Claudia, re-lit the fire that was once there in helping my community. It’s time to stop running and start helping those that can’t help themselves. Como muchos antes de mi recibieron el llamado…ahore es mi oportunidad. Aqui esto para empezar a revolucionar la comunidad hispana, gracias Claudia, por dejar que Dios te use para abrir los ojos de este siervo.”
Jonathan Baez, CEO & Founder at Beyond Computer Repair LLC

“Claudia was a great presenter. Among other things, we learned about the importance of refocusing ourselves when we are down or depressed about our situations. I believe that to be SO important because employers can tell, and will not be interested in hiring someone who is in a visibly depressed state. I would definitely recommend her services to others.”
Dan Almeida, Acting Assistant Director of Career Counseling & McKay Hall RM, Loyola Marymount University

“Claudia, Thank you for all of your helpful tips.  I had a second interview on Monday and listened to my favorite song in the car before and was completely relaxed and I ended up getting the job!”
Erin Turner, Graduate from Loyola Marymount University


Thank you again for your presentation to our job seekers.  I am sure they received a wealth of information that will help guide them through their job search process and later while on the job.  This summary is also helpful.  Your dedication is remarkable.”
Marjean Clements, SELACO WIB, Career Center Manager

“Having met Claudia since the year 2008, being in regular contact with her and after participating in one of her popular coaching sessions for Latinos, I can categorically say that she is very passionate about helping and guiding people to remarkably improve their quality of life. Most recently, her book “The Guerrilla Career Formula” is a result of the passionate work she does and her intent to positively impact many people’s lives. I encourage everyone to also connect with her, she is an amazing soul. She rocks!”
Jeannette De Vanna, Oil and Gas Project Manager, Business Entrepreneur and Investor

“Claudia is a very focused individual with a very clear path on how to help people. She is very thorough in her assessment and was able to help me beyond my expectations. I would recommend her to anyone that feels the need to improve their life in any number of ways. I wish her all the luck and am grateful to her for all her coaching. Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value ”
Face Khan, Online Media Professional

“Claudia is an excellent human being, with a great attitude, always willing to help you and get the best out of you. She not only offers you her services but the thing that amazes me the most is that she really gives you her heart once she starts working with you. When she takes you as her client she is 100% committed and reliable. You can see and feel her passion for her profession with her words, gestures, advice, and how she takes your achievements as if they were her achievements too. She wants to help you achieve your goals in all areas of your life, and she will do everything she can to help you to achieve them. When you get her as your coach you are getting a lot more than that, you will get a close friend, who has your permission to tell you things the way they are and help you all the way to open your eyes, to become a better person and to enjoy life as much as possible. Since I started working with her, I have seen a lot of improvements in different areas of my life. I feel more capable of achieving my goals, I feel a more free, complete and happy person.Just to name a few things that she helped me to overcome: -Recognize my fears and most of the times understand that they were not as big or bad as I thought they were. -Live in the present moment and focus more in what I have instead of what I don’t have. -Heal wounds from my childhood that I wasn’t even aware of, and they used to affect my life in a negative way. -Take control of what I used to call my “chocolate addiction.” I highly recommend Claudia and I feel confident that she can help you to improve your life and become a more loving and happier person. When you decide to have Claudia as your coach, honestly you have nothing to lose and a everything to gain.” Service Category: Career Coach, Year first hired: 2010, Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity”
Lizbeth Lisdorf, MBA Graduate & Business Owner at NY Life, New York (Mexican decent)

“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Claudia in so many aspects : from her personal coaching practice, to an in-depth research about Latin traits and talents. From unrestricted support and motivation to her clients and business associates, to her entrepreneur work and genuine care for marginalized social groups. What started as personal coaching to “fine tune” my own consulting practice and entrepreneur initiatives has evolved, due to continuous interaction with Claudia, to a greater understanding and deep appreciation for the “German lady with Latin soul” Her latin culture knowledge, including personal traits and family values deep into our roots, has shown me a most admirable bond with this population segment. On top of that, she holds an unconditional service attitude to others. I firmly believe that alone makes Claudia a great human being!”
Armando Camarillo, Managing Director, Stewart Cooper & Coon – Mexico & Latin America
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