Want to be a Consultant Who Enjoys Freedom In Every Area Of Your Life?

This Web site is About Setting You Free.

A Successful Consultant has a healthy attitude towards business, peak performance and assertiveness. They do not make excuses if they do not have it. They do not vilify those who do have it.

When we talk about Personal Freedom, we talk openly about business, work-life balance, money, peak performance, and taking charge of your personal and professional life. And I know that many of you do not have supportive friends or family to help you. But, there’s no need to worry. You are not alone.

By joining our larger community here at The Personal Freedom Ambassador Company, you can access a wide range of tools developed specifically for your complete, peak performance education. More important, you can connect with others to get the support and strength you need to succeed.

I have been following my bliss since 2009 and been featured on ABC, NBC and CNN as a Personal Freedom Ambassador for Consultants and I am the AUTHOR of the upcoming book “The Consultant’s Breakthrough Guide: 23 Challenges To Turn Yourself Into A Top Performer In 6 Months Or Less“.

It is my mission to help consultants in service industries such as IT, Publicity, Marketing, Management Consulting & Coaching

to turn their business, employees and themselves into happy and balanced CERTIFIED top performers in 9 simple steps

at my Top Performer Academy through a unique approach to 1:1 business coaching & virtual peak performance training.

I put a special focus on their ability to be assertive and communicate with influence.

By enabling them to turn their quality of life around they automatically increase their productivity and satisfaction at work short- and long-term and thus increase their bottom-line results 10 fold.

Know Anybody Who Would Love To Experience These Results?

If yes: Professionals and business owners typically contact me to speak more about the details of me being their business coach and personal freedom ambassador.

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I achieve these results by utilizing an experiential approach to and a unique combination of mentoring, coaching, consulting and training (all at the same time) and a multitude of resources for business & personal development.

In 2009, I was one of the top 300 sales professionals of VMWare International (global IT company) within my first 6 months of being at VMware. Through my innovative approach, my clients recover their top performer energy, build a bond with their loved ones that never truly existed and grow their business exponentially. For example: In over 90% of the cases, I manage to achieve the desired result within one hour of 1on1 work when it comes to stress-related issues.

My clients routinely generate 10 TO 20+ TIMES THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT vs. conventional therapy or consulting services. My results come from out-of-the-box games, world-class resources & clearly defined deliverables.