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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker that wows your audience with heart-touching stories, dancing, acting and a performance that they won’t ever forget again?


“Claudia was a great presenter. Among other things, we learned about the importance of refocusing ourselves when we are down or depressed about our situations. I believe that to be SO important because employers can tell, and will not be interested in hiring someone who is in a visibly depressed state. I would definitely recommend her services to others.”
Dan Almeida, Acting Assistant Director of Career Counseling & McKay Hall RM, Loyola Marymount University
Thank you again for your presentation to our job seekers.  I am sure they received a wealth of information that will help guide them through their job search process and later while on the job.  This summary is also helpful.  Your dedication is remarkable.”
Marjean Clements, SELACO WIB, Career Center Manager
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